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Our Team

Results Speak

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Aqtera LLC is a civil engineering and land development management consulting firm that has been creating value for its clients and team members since 2018. Through trust and results Aqtera has grown to meet the challenges its clients face in land development by providing effective and efficient solutions. We work on a variety of exciting projects with a thoughtful approach and a hunger for knowledge and accomplishment. The Aqtera culture delivers value to its team members by supporting an unreserved flow of creativity, innovation, and ideas. ​ Based in Pasco, Washington, Aqtera is founded on a commitment to professionalism and technical excellence. We are here to understand and implement the vision for your land development project. We have a team first focus and see every developer, contractor, surveyor, supplier, real estate agent, attorney, subconsultant, engineer, and local agency that we work with as a vital player to the project's success. ​

Our Team.

Our Mission

Building Strong


Aqtera's passion for development, infrastructure and engineering is birthed in its desire to bring dignity to all people. We have a fundamental belief that we can make a difference in communities.


We want to partner with people to develop new and better living communities for all. We love creative, out of the box thinking and encourage our team members and clients to embrace it fully.

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